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From the far lands of Japan, we have rescued an ancestral and exotic citrus, Yuzu. Its origin dates back to China more than 12,000 years ago – specifically to the region of the Yangtze River – although nowadays it is cultivated mostly in Japan.


Remembering the old spice routes that led from the Mediterranean to the Orient, when spices were transported like real treasures, we have made our dream of an Oriental citrus a reality, potentiating its aroma with a tonic that you will never forget.

The voyage:

After traveling the more than 10,000 kilometers that separate Japan from Spain and carrying our load, it was planted in the fertile and benevolent soil of Valencia,


where – protected by the soft, caressing Mediterranean breeze – our precious treasure grew timidly, perfuming our senses with new and unknown scents.

A new and sparkling flavor that opens up a new world filled with hints to you.

Cornerstone of Asian cuisine, it contributes the acidity of citrus with sweeter aromas that remind one of mango or tangerine and at the end provides a final touch of pepper that does not leave it free of ambiguity.
Its scent is intense, fresh and exulting, and expert palates also detect a hint of acidic, bitter and pungent taste with floral reminders.

  • Yuzu

    Yuzu is a citrus of the rutaceae family cultivated in Japan but originally from China. It comes from a slow-growing bush highly resistant to cold climate that reaches its fullness in fifteen years.

  • From the citrus family

    It’s a citrus resembling a small green grapefruit with a slightly swollen skin that turns yellow when ripe. Its flesh, bitter and full of small seeds, tastes similarly to grapefruit with hints of green tangerine.

  • The cultivation

    The characteristics and climate of the lands of Valencia in Spain provide a stable development to the cultivation of this citrus so it can achieve the exact degree of ripeness.

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The tasting

Learn to differentiate a different tonic

  • The exotic aroma of a new citrus will transport us to the most ancestral Orient.

  • Our vision will immediately tell us that we are not in front of one more tonic – a vague opaque memory will take care of that.

  • Our taste buds will react quickly to the citrus, but the memory of tangerine will relax this sensation.

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  • Es una tónica perfecta, con un tono cítrico
    que la hace única.

  • Al final tiene un sabor que recuerda al mango.
    Muy exótica!

  • Muy fría, muy fría.
    Es un lujo!

    Melquiades Jarrrl

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